Cassie Dares to be Different & Shaves her Hair


What did Rihanna have to do for people to start noticing her and become a style icon?VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Well Cassie has gone one step further in her bid for pop / cultural stardom by shaving off about a third of her hair.

You do have to dare to be different, and she is a beautiful girl so i think it looks good and she can carry it off…this is NOT a Britney!

Christina Milian tried to bleach her hair blond to dare to be different but it didn’t quite work in her favor.

Cassie took to twitter to let everyone know w/ Diddy retweeting to his 458,000+ followers.

I think the blogs are going to be going crazy, do you like it?


Pics from @CassieVentura TwitPic

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