Music // Britney & JLO Aim For Chart Domination in 2011

Britney on set
Britney on set
Britney on set

Both Britney & Jennifer Lopez owned the late 90’s and early 00’s and they are both making their come back in 2011.

Britney’s new song is already number one and the new American Idol host, JLO is sure to reclaim the top spot in the charts.

But will they, and if so how long will it last. Since the height of their popularity it seems like a whole bus load of young female singers have come along doing roughly the same type of music. From Rihanna, Katy Perry to Kesha all these ladies to pop-dance music , is there enough room for everyone and do the fans want to hear the same type of music from all these woman. I know dance tracks are popular now but a little diversity wouldn’t be a bad thing.

JLo talking about her new album & new AI job + a flashback

mtvnep jlo
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Ain’t It Funny

Aint It Funny (Remix)
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