Real or Fake? Rihanna & Ciara’s Twitter Beef


So by now you may or may not of heard about Ciara & Rihanna’s war of words on Twitter (Ciara’s no stranger to Tweet Wars, she recently went back and forth with rumoured lover 50 Cent). Ciara was on E!’s Fashion Police and they were talking about her Brit Awards dress, all points were valid and then Ciara decided to mention that Rihanna wasn’t such a nice person any more.

Rihanna led the ‘ war of words’ with things like ‘Did I forget to tip you’ and ‘Good luck booking that stage’ then apologizing because her feelings were hurt. Just seems a bit off to me, or Rihanna’s showing her true colours with those statements…below the belt :-(

My verdict is: The statement from Ciara is probably true but out of context in this conversation and where Rihanna’s star is shining brighter than CiCi’s at the moment she knew that with just a mention of Rihanna’s name…the internet would be ablaze…mission accomplished.

(Somewhere Chris Brown’s sitting back saying hmmmm).

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