Empower You // Cynthia Stafford On Manifesting Her Lottery Win


In 2007 Cynthia Stafford won the lottery, but she doesn’t believe it was purely a chance coincidence…here’s her story.

She won $112 million in the California lottery and shared out the winnings (ended up being $67 million) with her family members and says it was all down to visualizing and basically using the law of attraction.

“I visualized it…and wrote down $112 million on a sheet of paper and that was it”

“I put it on my wall and that wast and knew if I kept seeing it, believing it, it would happen”

As Oprah discussed with Megan, the secret behind ‘The Secret’ of manifesting anything into your life positive or negative is believing in it.

WFC friend Kristi from Enjoying The Journeys/ Kissed By KC told me about this story a while back, but I’ve only just seen this interview. It makes me so happy, more and more people should really know how to actively use the Law of Attraction.

If you’re interested and want to know more I can recommend some great books and authors so please email me admin@womenforchange.info

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  • Hello, I would like more info on manifesting and the laws of attraction also more about Miss Stafford if you have anything.
    Thanks, Nikki

  • Seems like the story changes, one article says 2 months other says 4 and then one said she wrote the number and put it on her wall another says under her pillow…. what’s the real story?

  • Hi, maybe it was an accumulation of a few things. I believe it’s getting into that state of mind and belief rather than doing just one thing. Thanks for reading :)

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