Angela & Vanessa Talk Success & Celibacy in Fearless Magazine


The fab sisters Angela & Vanessa Simmons sit down for an exclusive interview and photo shoot with Fearless Magazine.  Snippets of the interview when you read more…

Angela on her decision to be open about her celibacy:

It kinda came up with me and V

anessa on the show. I donʼt regret it, it’s who I am. Publicly, I am

a public figure, being on a show for 6 seasons. I didn’t mind sharing a piece of me. Waiting is for me, it doesn’t have to work for everyone else. Itʼs for yourself. I don’t do it for my dad, I do it for me. That’s
my power and self will. Itʼs what speaks to me. I am very good at self control. It’s about having self discipline and not doing what everyone around you is doing. It’s a little more of a struggle, but it
will probably make that person and what it will be, that much better.

Vanessa on what’s in store for the future :

Oh my god there are so many different steps I feel like I want to take in my life. It started with Pastry and Angela and I building a brand. Taking that from zero to where the brand is now. And of course, there is acting which I don’t feel like I have hit the top of that iceberg of where it will go. It is happening now. I am very excited about where it is headed. I also want to be a hotelier. Me and my sister want to open a hotel. Angela and I also just started a production company called Simmons 2 for quality TV programming. There are so many levels to where I want to go to reach my successes,
one day at a time.

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