Business // Messing With The Wrong Chicks


Afro hair products are big business so when two women came out with a ¬†product for mixed race hair , ‘Mixed Chicks’ was a big success and with success came competition. When you’re a small business competition from huge company can be scary, so when Sally’s basically ‘ripped-off’ the Mixed Chicks product line and design the two ladies were shocked into making a decision to ignore or sue!

Inc Magazine’s feature details the story of the two hair entrepreneurs journey and battle kinda like David fighting Goliath!

They did decide to sue and are currently still going through the battle ( as of time of Inc Magazines February 2012 issue), but was it the right thing to do?

Experts suggested that;

1. They shouldn’t have sued because of the timely and costly effects.

2. They should expect knockoffs

3. Use the media to their own benefit to highlight what ‘Sallys’ are trying to do.

Having your product completely ripped off must feel terrible but natural hair care products do seem to be more expensive than the rest so maybe Sally’s were just filling a need with a generic cheaper line of products?

What are your thoughts?

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