5 Reasons Why You Should be Using Instagram for Your Business


Just starting up your business or new to using social media for your business?  Here are 5 reasons why you should be using Instagram for your business


Hundreds of thousands of advertisers and businesses now use Instagram for promoting their businesses and letting people know that they exist. Nowadays, more and more people use Instagram and other social networking sites for promotion rather than the usual advertising techniques — posters, TV, radio, billboards, fliers, etc.

If you’re not in the advertising industry, or just starting out in your own business, linking Instagram to the word ‘business’ might seem odd.

You might think Instagram is usually just connected to people’s fun selfies, the mouth watering food they ate, their latest adventures, and all things in life that are worthy to be posted online and humble-bragged to everyone in their circle. But not a lot of people know that you can actually use Instagram for a lot more than that; you can use it for your business. Here are five reasons why:


  1. It is very easy to use.


You just have to download the app on the App Store (for iOS), Google Play (for Android), or Windows Phone Store (for Windows Phone) on your smartphone — which, let’s face it, everybody has one these days — completely free of charge. You can then setup your very own business profile, in which you can edit your store hours, business address, and even a phone number that people can contact if they want to avail of your products or services. After creating a business profile, all you have to do is post a photo of your product, include a caption that best describes it, post the photo, and wait for comments and likes! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. The system is very simple and you will get used to it in no time, even if you are not technology savvy.


  1. It is absolutely free.


Unlike other advertising and business tools, Instagram is completely free of charge. It is free for download on your smartphone, and all the things that come with the download are free as well. As mentioned earlier, creating a business profile does not require you to pay. You can already look professional and very business-like without having to spend a single penny! Having everything given to you for free is definitely cheaper than getting an advertising agency to do the job for you, and will take up much less of your time and energy than if you were to do everything on your own. Instagram being free for business owners means it is also free for customers. They can also have access to your photos and videos free of charge, so there are no barriers on that as well!


  1. A Business Account on Instagram can give you insights about your posts and followers.


Aside from all the awesome stuff that comes with having a business account (completely free of charge!), it also gives you real time metrics of your posts throughout the day. If you are completely new to this jargon and have no idea what it means, “analytics” and “metrics”, in layman’s terms, mean that you can track your audience’s behavior and how they interact with your photo. Do they like it? Do they comment on it? Which post has been most liked and commented? Stuff like that. They can even tell you the ideal time for you to post a new photo by tracking the time with most activity on your profile. These analytics may seem very nonsensical and non-helpful for you at first, but it’s going to help your business in the long run because it helps you analyze what your customers want. to see and get.


  1. 6oo Million people use Instagram.


fashion nova instagram boutiqueThese days, you are actually going to get more views and interaction if you post your business products and/or services on Instagram, or on the Internet in general, rather than having to go through the hassle of posting everywhere on the street or paying a huge amount of money for advertising on TV. Everyone nowadays have access to the Internet and turn to it when they are bored or have nothing else to do. Going on Instagram has been part of the routine of many people of this generation, and putting your business out there can be one of the best business moves you can do. Plus, as mentioned earlier, Instagram is free for everyone! Meaning it is also free for potential customers and consumers of your product or service, meaning people can instantly see what you have posted. There are over 600 million monthly users, and 400 million daily users of IG (source).


Take a look at
@fashionnova, which has over 6.4 million followers on Instagram. That’s a lot of people in the world! Instagram fills a huge role in the brand’s success. You don’t get to promote your product to that huge amount of people everyday, and Instagram makes it so easy and convenient for you!


  1. You can get creative with photos and videos.


This might be a very obvious reason, because of the fact that the main selling point of Instagram is photos. Take advantage of this! After all, one of the main attractions that you can provide your potential customers is physical aesthetics and attractiveness. Take advantage of this and create a branding for yourself on Instagram! It is best if they can recognize your brand right away just by looking at one photo you posted. This way, you create a name for your own business and make sure that they recall your product or service, whether they are on Instagram or they see you elsewhere. Appeal to your audience by posting good photos. Your Instagram feed is essential in making people want to purchase or avail of your products or services, especially if they haven’t heard about you before. Remember, first impressions last!


Instagram also recently added the video option (and live video), so you can also post videos for your customers to see what your product can do or what services you can offer through short videos.


frank body instagram businessTake @frank_bod for example. The business takes its Instagram feed seriously and is very consistent with the photos on it. It has a very aesthetically pleasing feed that makes you want to check out its products and try them out! Visuals are indeed very important in promoting your products. Frank Body also does a great job and using it’s IG to recruit brand ambassadors, using their page to promote customers who are using their product







And there you have it! Five reasons why you should use Instagram for your business. I could bore you with a lot more, but you get the picture (Get it?)…


Instagram has been used by many brands today, and there is no question why. So start using Instagram for your business now! it can make a whole lot of difference for your business.


Do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, steer clear of the usual and traditional ways to promote your business, and try out Instagram to help your business grow.


There is nothing to lose! Instagram is completely free from creating a business account to posting photos you would want your customers to see.


There’s nothing more irritating than having a wonderful feed to share if you do not have anyone to share it with. One of the most frustrating things is having no followers at all! It can also affect your business’ image if you have less than a thousand followers. Enroll in the Women for Change 5-day E-mail Course: Instagram like a Pro for Business Newbies learn how to go from 0 to 1000’s of Instagram followers that engage with your brand and convert!

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