Barbie – The #Unapologetic Entrepreneur


Up until now Barbie has been known for one thing and one thing only. Being the doll that set the beauty standards in the West, that ‘everyone’ wanted and girls everywhere aspired to look like . Even to the extreme that grown women surgically enhance their bodies to try and turn themselves into Barbie look-a-likes. Now it seems Mattel is trying to put the one-sided image of Barbie to one side by trying to redefine what it means to be a modern woman by introducing a new collection of dolls known as “I Can Be”.

The doll collection includes an astronaut, a doctor, a pilot, a ballerina, a politician and a football player, as well an Entrepreneur Barbie. Dressed in a pink suit-dress, kitten heels and pearl earrings, she has an iPhone, an iPad and a fancy bag she purchased with her own self-made millions (Cue Destiny’s Child Independent Women from 2000) . Behind her, she has a team of Chief Inspiration Officers and female executives. These ladies include Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani, Rent the Runway founders Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss and others.


As a celebration, Mattel has created a campaign and wants people to use #Unapologetic hashtag, ‘Barbie’ where they can ask their questions and join in Pink Power Lunch chat session on Twitter.

Is Mattel a little late to the ‘Who Runs The World’ party? Or should they be celebrated for promoting and encouraging millions of young girls around the world to aim for careers not just stereotypical beauty?

I think the latter, after all Entrepreneur Barbie’s quote is “You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

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