Cover Queen: Sara Blakely – Inc. Magazine February 2014

nc Feb 2014 Sara Blakely Spanx

On of our fav self made billionaires is gracing the cover of Inc. magazine’s February 2014 issue. Looking great in an orange dress against a red background (who knew that would work?), Sara and many other entrepreneurs share how they got started and the ‘aha’ moments that launched their companies.  Stepping into the business world alone? Read Inc’s3 tips for ‘Going it alone’ in business.

nc Feb 2014 Sara Blakely SpanxInc Feb 2014  solopreneur

Inc. Magazine’s 3 Tips for Solopreneurs

1. Be Honest With Yourself

Some entrepreneurs need a partner to avoid loneliness, depression and inertia

2. Set up a board of outside advisers

You’ll need a sounding board to talk through big decisions, and employee’s can’t afford to be as candid as you’d like.

3. Be prepared to prove yourself

Many investors are skeptical of sole founders. To win them over, you’ll need to show that you are superhuman.

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