Monetizing your Blog: Start Your Blog, Get Your Life Part 3

3 ways to monetize your blog

The question that I’m asked the most in the subject of blogging is ‘How do I get started?’.
After that (and more frequently) it’s ‘how can I start making money from my blog’.

I purposely left this topic on ‘Monetizing your blog’, until the the third, and final part of the ‘Start your blog, get your life’ blog series.

In this episode I discuss 3 ways that you can monetize your blog.

As I mention in this podcast episode, it’s important to understand your ‘why’ and your audience. I discuss this in part 2 of the blogging series.

Listen to this episode to discover the 3 best ways to start to monetize your blog for beginners.

*Spoiler Alert* The most popular and perhaps easiest option to get started is Google Adsense.

Why Should I use Adsense to Monetize my blog?

Many other ad networks are invitation only or their application criteria are strict or specific. The biggest reason why this is the most popular ad network is because of the huge amount and variety of companies that advertise with the Google ad network.

What does this mean for you?

This means that there’s an improved chance that the ads that are on your blog will suit your target audience. This means something! You don’t want to turn-off your audience with your ads…this defeats the purpose. You want them to appeal and be helpful to your audience so that they will click on them (when you get paid).

Doesn’t Facebook have an ad network?

Yes, if you’ve listened to the podcast and you’re coming back to get the cool adsense checklist below, you got me! I didn’t mention Facebook’s ad network, but you can sign up for Facebook’s ad network…however it’s not as simple as the methods that I mentioned and they have a heavy focus on mobile apps and mobile web which could be a little more technical than what you are interested in as blog advertising beginners.  If you are interested in Facebook network ads you can review and get started here.

free adsense wordpress setup checklist

I know you’re awesome & educated so I want you to get started monetizing your blog ASAP. I’ve saved you oh-so much time by creating this handy checklist for you. It’s 6 steps that take you from applying for your adsense account to having your ads live on your WordPress website. Get instant access below.

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