Why I stayed with Mailchimp after trying ConvertKit twice! + 4 Reasons Why It Could be a Good Pick for You


So many people starting out who know they should be ‘sending out emails’ aka Listbuilding, ask ‘Should I be using Mailchimp or someone else?’

When it comes to starting out on your list building journey for small business owners, I always recommend using Mailchimp to my clients.

In this episode I discuss why I decided to stick with Mailchimp, even though probably almost everyone else in the ‘online marketing / teaching’ industry uses ConvertKit, Drip or other advanced platforms.

Hint:  When you’re starting out using a service, think of your destination in mind. I’m not saying that I love everything about Mailchimp for me but it still works for me over the competition…right now.

Why I recommend Mailchimp for list building beginners

Mailchimp is always my go-to platform to use for small business owners who are just beginning their list building journey for the following reasons:

  1. It’s free – Who doesn’t love free? Especially when you’re starting or trying to grow your business on a limited budget. Mailchimp offers a free account for up to 2,000 contacts and now (as of May 2017) they also offer free Automation ( I go into this in the podcast if you need more info…but it’s a huuuge benefit saving you upwards of $30 per month).
  2. It’s simple & user-friendly – One of the biggest hurdles to getting started with any new service or platform is the ‘tech-phobia’. Feeling overwhelmed by tech ‘stuff’ is real for most entrepreneurs, beginners and seasoned. That’s why I like mailchimp. If you don’t have the ability to have someone doing your email marketing for you, then Mailchimp set-up, and campaign creation (drag and drop ‘hallelujah’) is easy AND it looks professional (+ modern…some platforms give you emails that look like they cam from 1995…uuugly).
  3. Connects to many popular platforms -We can’t get away from the different platforms that we have to use in order to make our online business / marketing run smoothly. This can be time consuming, that’s why using platforms that offer easy connections like plugins or API (don’t worry if this sounds like tech jargon…it is) to other platforms / services …in what you need in your online life. For example Mailchimp connects with WordPress, Google Docs, PayPal and countless other ‘integrations’. (Other platforms do too, but from my experience MC has a lot). Why would you need this? For example, say a customer uses PayPal, that email can automatically be sent to your mail chimp list without you having to manually input the information  (always ask for permission to email).
  4. Mobile Friendly + APPS – I was only going to give 3 reasons, until I remembered the apps. Mailchimp does offer iOS and Android mobile apps. I use iOS and they are constantly improving the app, you can create simple campaigns, add contacts, resend campaigns and look at reports when your away from your desk.

The 4 reasons above sum up just about…why I can’t let go of Mailchimp just yet and why you might want to use them for your choice of platform if you’re starting your list building/ email marketing journey.


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