What these Three Beauty Vloggers with a Million plus Subscribers can Teach you about Business

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In the Summer of 2017 I found myself falling down the YouTube rabbit hole, not for the first time but this time I had discovered beauty vloggers.

I had seen the occasional videos here and there but since I’m not a person that wears makeup on a daily basis I just didn’t find the need.

Looking back I think that growing up in the UK being a woman of colour (WOC), not seeing my shade readily available Boots or Superdrugs (similar to CVS and Walgreens) meant that I just didn’t get into makeup like my other teenager friends who could buy some Rimmel or Maybelline.

Cut to when I could afford it and found MAC, it was like Ahhhhh! A new world, but by then I didn’t really care enough to go beyond buying a bronzer hear and there.

So why did I get so captivated by these beauty vloggers?

The three vloggers that stood out to me and are my favs are Alissa Ashley, Jackie Aina and Patricia Bright.

All three of these ladies have over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and have collaborations with (or soon to launch) major beauty brands like, NYX, Elf Cosmetics, Mac, L’Oreal and TooFaced.

Here are 6 principles that I think these three lovely ladies can teach us about business.

1. Define your target audience and create for them:

The one thing that these ladies have in common is that they are WOC in an industry that has notoriously not made it a priority to cater to WOC.

WOC are a target audience, WOC who like makeup or who want to learn how to use makeup / what works for them are a target audience.

The business principle is to define your target audience and create content for them. You’ll find just like with Patricia, Jackie and Alissa that once you do this you will also attract lots of other people.

Check the comments of the videos and you’ll see many other people outside of the target audience.

For example, Nyma Tang has a series called ‘The Darkest Shade’ where she reviews the darkest shade of foundation and in the comments you’ll see people saying…

comments nyma tang youtube

As you can read, the comments selected aren’t people directly in her target audience.



3. Start with what you have, then re-invest in yourself in your brand.

alissa ashley beauty youtuber first video

This principle is inspired by 23 year old Alissa Ashley. She started her channel with what she had I believe in her room. And now, with more success she takes pride in upgrading her equipment, her skills and content.

She recently shot an epic review / promo clip for Fenty beauty Mattamoiselle Lipstock (this was featured on Fenty’s page and she’s followed by Fenty and Rihanna).

Two things to take away are;

  • Don’t compare your beginning to someone’s ending
  • Always reinvest in yourself and your business when you get the opportunity

4. Stand for something

Jackie Aina is known for standing for inclusivity in the make up industry for WOC.

You may stay away from standing for something in fear of it alienating people or putting an uncomfortable spot light on you. However if you do so from a genuine place, it can

  1. help you create your tribe / customer base
  2. open up new opportunities 

For example, because of Jackie’s stance, she was contacted by TooFaced to work on expanding the shade range of their foundations and concealers.

5. Be consistent, don’t expect things to happen over night.

As entertaining as it is watching successful vloggers, they can make success look easy. They inspire many people to start their own channel, and without understanding this principle you might be discouraged.

Be consistent, have a plan and stick to it.


6. Monetize your opportunity

This principle is last because it’s important not to solely focus on money but running a successful business at it’s core is about turning a profit.

Being able to identify credible and lucrative ways to monetize your opportunities are important. If you have a following it’s important to keep the connection with your audience through monetizing your business.

An example of this, from what I have seen is how particular all three ladies are about the partnerships they choose and how they incorporate it within their channel.

Patricia recently did a great job promoting Google home mini in her channel. It was natural, authentic and helpful (it made me think about buying one…although I haven’t het?).

These six principles have helped me to take a look at my business and validate principles of what I already knew about creating a successful business.

What principles stand out for you? Are there any other ways that you get inspired in your business from watching to your favorite vloggers?

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