10 Ways Starting a Blog can Help Boost your Life, Career or Business

reasons to start a blog

It’s been officially 10 years since womenforchange.info launched as a simple blog (I just paid for the renewal a few days ago). Back then I didn’t know what it would be, but I knew I wanted to have my own space online to do whatever I wanted to. That was the joy of the internet back then (and still today), the freedom it gives you to own your own little piece of real estate online and make it into what you will.

In this episode I discuss 10 ways that starting a blog is a must to boost your life, career or business.

Unfortunately there are still gender inequality issues, with pay, work conditions etc. and I have found for women especially that having a blog can be a life saver for so many reasons I share in the podcast.

What else can you use that has a low cost, easier barrier to entry to help express yourself or bring your dreams to life.

If starting a blog has always been on your mind but you haven’t taken the steps to launch one, join me for my free masterclass on Wednesday, March 28th.

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