EP 27 – Summer Survival Tips for Hompreneurs with Kids

kids summer routine for homepreneurs

Summer time is always the favourite time of year for me, but it does come with interesting challenges you have to balance if you are an entrepreneur who works from home (homepreneur) with kids.

If your children aren’t old enough (or you don’t want them to) to go to to camp or a weekly club then you have the task of balancing work and life in realtime.

It’s something that I had to deal with 6 weeks earlier than I anticipated due to unforeseen circumstances at our pre-school.

What did I do?

I took a moment and created a (loose) battle plan that will hopefully get me all the way through the beginning of the next school term.  That’s what this episode is all about…my survival plan for summer for Homepreneurs with kids.

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