A Guide to Facebook & Instagram Ads for Bloggers & Small Online Business’

facebook - instagram ads in 5 minutes

Facebook & Instagram ads

Facebook and Instagram, although free platforms can be used to advertise your blog or business to the exact people that you want to view your content or buy your product/service.

I have said in my Podcast that ‘Paying to Play’ is a real part of online marketing and will be the driving force in the future. At first it was seen as a negative, which I can totally understand.

Us: ‘We spent time building our Facebook following and now we have to pay to reach those people?’.

In Reality: ‘The more users a platform has, the harder it will be for the platforms to deliver the most useful content to it’s users. Also, that platform although free will want to generate income and what better way then ‘helping’ you connect with your audience you have AND more people just like that for as little as $5 to as much as you like. You’re welcome & Thank you <–The voice of Facebook & the rest.


As a Beginner, What Can I Use Facebook Ads for?

Using the Facebook advertising platform gives you access to a huge range of ways to promote and connect to your ideal audience. To begin with, I suggest you try using Facebook to do one of the following:

  • Get more Facebook fans
  • Advertise directly on Instagram
  • Advertise on Facebook’s ad network
  • Promote you event, blog post, products etc. on Facebook
  • Boost existing Facebook posts

Get Started using Facebook Ads…The Easy Way

1.Try using $5 (or equivalent in your local currency) a day for a period of time, to test the response of your advertising.

2. Create the perfect audience for your ad. Pick the location(s) you want to target, gender, age and interests! This is the key that will help you find specific people that you want to find.

3. I suggest creating an ad via ad manager rather than just boosting a post from the page. I have found that you can use more content in your ads by using ad manager. You can also download the app to your phone to post ads but I prefer to use it to monitor the response and make quick edits rather then create the actual ad.

4. Have goals for the advertising you are doing, if you get no response tweak your copy and tweak your ad targeting. If you do get a response based on your goals ‘more traffic, sales, opt-ins’, then woohoo, ad more money per day/ period and continue.

Pay for Play as I like to call it isn’t going anywhere, and that isn’t a bad thing! We just have to know how to make the most out of the money we spend and the time we spend. Speaking of time, an old saying goes ‘I can show you better than I can tell you’ ( or did I just make that up).
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