How to Deal with Business or Employment Rejection

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Learning how to deal with business or employment reject isn’t always as easy as people make out. I was recently politely rejected for something and although I had alternative options in place and I wasn’t depending on this opportunity, it didn’t feel great.

Since I did have other options I wasn’t expecting the feeling of disappointment to overwhelm me like it suddenly did.

How did I get jet that feeling (at the time of writing t happened less than 24 hours ago).

1. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling.
I allowed myself to ‘be in my feelings’ for about 1 hour until I talked myself out of my feelings.

2. Talk yourself out of it.
In any situation, be it a business pitch, interview or competition there are frequently only one or a few ‘winners’. Not everyone will be able to win the scholarship, get the job or win the business contract it doesn’t mean you are not the &$!? best at why you do. Think logically about it and not with your emotions. If you prepared and did the best that you could do then know that you and this opportunity were not the right fit at this time.

3. Think positively, be open and move on.

Was this opportunity the be all and end all of your dreams? I think not! One of the major take-aways for me from reading ‘The Secret’ many years ago was ‘there are many ways the universe is conspiring to make your dreams come true‘.  This statement makes me realize the importance of being open minded about how my goals and desired opportunities will materialize.

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