New & Notable Female Billionaires of 2013

Female billionaire Isabel dos Santos

 Female billionaire Isabel dos SantosFemale billionaire Tory Burc

I love the idea of going into 2014 feeling inspired! Earlier this year Forbes released it’s list of new billionaires, here are my picks of the ‘New & Notable Female Billionaires of 2013’.

Kanye West has been ranting and raving about the tiny amount of billionaires of African origin(7 in the world according to him) so let’s celebrate Isabel dos Santos (Worth: $2 Billion).

Isabela is the oldest daughter of of Angola’s president, her most lucrative investment is a 25% stake in Unitel (Mobile Network). Forbes lists her as Angola’s first billionaire and the richest woman in Africa.

Tory Burch(Worth: $1 Billion) who’s logo clad shoes, bags and apparel is putting her on the path of quickly becoming the female Ralph Lauren.

Tory is the 2nd youngest self made billionaire (to Sare Blakely of Spanx) in America.

I love that Tory is a self made billionaire, I find it makes it easier to be inspired by someone is is self made because you feel like you can do it too! Your thoughts? Leave a message in the comments or tweet me @womenforchange.

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