Feeling frustrated because you don't know what you should be doing when it comes to growing and marketing your business online?

Don't worry, you're not alone!

Do I Need a Consultation? Yes, Here's Why...

Forbes.com recently said that women are the fastest growing entrepreneurs in America. I'm willing to bet that's a similar trend around the world!

You don't think they all knew what they were doing, do you?

No, they didn't..they got help along the way!

You're passionate about your product or service,
no one said you had to be a marketing guru too!

So, are any of these problems stopping you from getting the help you need?

Problem 1: There is so much information on Google, it's hard and time consuming to know what to believe and put into action.
Problem 2: Getting professional help is probably so expensive it will blast my whole budget

I have been in the online marketing and web design industry for almost 10 years, working with no budget to multi-million dollar companies means that I have experienced the Do's and Don'ts of starting and marketing your business online.

I'm excited to offer this marketing and website review service, that will give you the exact roadmap to attract the customers you need and to grow your business online.

I let you work on your passion, while I get busy working on mine...helping you launch and grow your business online.

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It couldn’t be simpler! Your action plan to launch and grow your business online is just 7 days away!

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You're wondering, is this for me?

Here are 3 ways a Marketing & Website Review works for you!


Tired of spinning your wheels? Wasting countless hours on Google

and following online 'experts' on social media for their free tips...

only to find out you're no closer to doing what YOU

want to get done in your business?

Here are 3 benefits of a marketing & website review that will help

you and your business instantly!

  • 1

    Your actual marketing / website will be personally reviewed

    Specific feedback will be given on your marketing( social media platforms) and/ or website to help you grow or launch your business.

  • 2

    You will be sent a list of step-by-step list recommendations and suggestions

    Grow your business with information directly meant for your business, generic information could lead to generic results!

  • 3

    One-on-one consultation with an experienced marketing & tech professional

    Online 'influencers' and seemingly popular social media 'stars' are admirable, but you're building a business! You deserve to hear the right information that will allow you to build a great foundation to grow or launch your business online.


Charmaine Jones, RDN LDN

What can I say?  Nel (womenforchange) has been an inspiration to me as to getting my blog up to speed.  She has provided GREAT tips on what it takes to get moving with your business and how to become a savvy social media communicator.   Since, I have took her advice and made changes on how to convey effective nutrition messages via social media, I haven’t been getting nothing but compliments on my new marketing strategy.   I’m impressed with my new way of thinking and targeting my audience.  As Nel says, “You must be committed.  When others are sleeping, you should be working…and when they get up, you should still be working.  You always have to stay ahead of game.   That’s what separates the good from the BEST!

Charmaine Jones, RDN LDN, Food Jonezi
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