8 Lies That Are Stopping You From Blogging & How to Overcome Them

8 lies stopping you from blogging and how to overcome

Success in business is a formula every entrepreneur wishes they had. I wish I knew it don’t you? What I do know for sure (sorry…I’m just starting to read Oprah’s book) is that A LOT of the success we have in starting and growing our business is all about our mindset.

Mindset? What are you talking about Nel?

Your mindset determines how you not only deal with things when everything is going right…but more importantly how you handle things when everything is going not so right.

When starting or growing an existing business we are guilty of telling ourselves lies…LIES!

Here are 8 frequent lies we tell ourselves that can sometimes make ourselves feel better or justify not taking action, and how to overcome them.

  1. I’m not good enough.8 lies in business -women for change

We sometimes use self-pity as an excuse to not take action. We tell ourselves that we can’t do something without even trying. We oftentimes look for evidence that there is something wrong with us, even if there isn’t, just to get out of doing something.

If you were good enough to think of a blogging idea, and actually have dreams for the growth of your blog, then I’m sure you’ll always be good enough to go big in the blogging industry! It’s all about having a positive mindset.

  1. Too many people are in my niche/industry

If there are too many people in your industry, that’s great! You should actually use that to your advantage. Connect and network people to learn more about your industry. Surely, there are people in your niche that has stayed in the business longer than you have. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot if you befriend some of them. Networks are also really important in blogging and in growing your readership, so having too many people in your industry means that the industry is interesting — more chances for your blog to grow!

Of course, the blogging culture always comes with a bit of competition. Make sure that you take the time and effort to keep your blog up to the challenges of competition, but do it professionally! You should not take anyone down in the process.

  1. I’ll start in the New Year.

How many New Year’s resolutions have you already broken? If you want to accomplish something, the best thing you can do is start now. For some reason, we tend to believe that the New Year, the next month, the next week, or even tomorrow, will have different miraculous circumstances than what we have today.

While this may sometimes be true, we cannot always blame our laziness in our hopes for better luck in the future. Think about this cliché but true quote: a year from now, you’re going to wish you started today.

One reason why you’re probably not motivated to do something as immediate as you’d want is because the tasks are too overwhelming for you, and you just want to put the tasks off to another time, maybe even another year.

One thing you can do to prevent this is by doing tasks day-by-day. Break a large task into small little tasks that you can tick off as early as possible. You’ll get a lot more stuff done in no time, probably even before your New Year target!

  1. They can achieve that because…nel-womenforchange-blog-lies

We sometimes have a tendency to compare ourselves to other people. I’m telling you, this will do you no good! Someone will always be better than you, and if you keep comparing yourself to others, you will just end up lost in your negative thoughts.

If you know people who has achieved a lot more than you, the best thing to do is use them as inspiration, especially if you are in the same industry.

  1. I don’t have enough time

Time management is key! There will always be enough time for something that you want or need to achieve. You just have to set your priorities and, again, accomplish tasks little by little. You’ll be surprised by how much things you can do with what used to be so little time!

It’s all about prioritizing the things that you want to accomplish immediately, and temporarily setting aside the things that don’t need that much immediate attention. Having the luxury of time is not always a privilege, it can oftentimes be a choice.

  1. My idea probably won’t work.

Excuses, excuses, excuses! If you haven’t tried your idea yet, how sure are you that it’s not going to work? It’s good that you’re taking into account the risks and you’re being realistic about your plans, but sometimes, we just tell ourselves this because we’re too lazy to actually get to work.

If you’re actually really scared that your idea might not work or your blog post might not be interesting enough, and you’re just going to end up wasting a lot of resources, it’s probably best to show it to a friend or a family member. Let them read it first and give you feedback. Your blog post might actually be great!

  1. No one will notice if I don’t do it.

If you continue with this mindset, you’re not going to succeed. Do things for yourself, and not for the people around you! Success in blogging should be driven by your dreams for yourself, not to impress other people.

Besides, you can’t really please everyone. If your end goal is to please everyone, this will be really hard to achieve and you will end up getting frustrated. You’ll be a lot happier if you succeeded and did amazing things for your own good.

  1. I don’t have the money to do…

You can always find ways to cut back! Blogging can be done for free by using subdomains on the internet. Popular ones include Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr. What’s good about these websites is that they’re actually also network-oriented, so you might even get a lot more readers if you use those sites.

It’s best, however, if you invest in a domain. It’s going to make your blog look a lot more professional and credible. But don’t force it if you don’t have the money yet! You can always use the free stuff first, and don’t let this stop you from blogging. Instead of trying to look at what you don’t have, focus on what you do have, and work with that.

The e-book “Start Your Blog and Change Your Life” is a simple and easy-to-read guide on how to start your blog with a business in mind. It has tips that range from choosing a name and industry, to technical guidance on setting up your own blog, creating great content and putting out into the world. Order the blogging e-book today.

If you really want to succeed in blogging, the key is always a positive mindset and the will to improve everyday. You’re helping no one by telling these lies to yourself. No one became a successful blogger by making excuses to themselves and to everyone around him/her. So stop lying and start typing!


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