Social Media for Business Summer 2017 & Beyond Guide

Latest updates and tips for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Snapchat  you need to know about to keep your follower count growing and engagement up.

I’m old enough to remember the days of Facebook’s continuous algorithm changes and what that meant to me as an online marketer.

Just as I mastered the last algorithm update and implemented my new strategies into my client’s marketing plans…boom…another change!

Nel Seriously

I learnt quickly NOT to follow the algorithm changes so closely for my own sanity, however they are still important.

Fast forward to 2017 and Instagram (owned by FB) is too always changing its algorithms but without much fan fair so general users don’t really know why the things that were working for them before, aren’t working any more.

I mean…how annoying can it get?!

You’re busy working, you have a side hustle or run your business full time.

You know you have to be on IG because that’s where your audience is.

You sat through countless webinars  and live streams of IG gurus telling you what you need to do to make your ‘Instagram Poppin’…only to find out that in a few months those tips don’t work…ughhh who has the time for this?!

I’ve created a guide for the latest updates and tips to help boost your business across different social media platforms for Summer 2017 & beyond.

social media for business 2017 guide

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