Tia & Tamera – Twin Mommy Moguls

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Tia & Tamera’s show on the Style Network is the kind of reality TV we like to see. This season has shown Tamera’s pregnancy journey and both of their expansion into motherhood and moguldom ( yes, I think that’s a made up word!). From a Yoga DVD to creating their own lactating formula product, the ladies are showing that they have alot more to offer than acting and that the Olson twins aren’t the only business savvy twins in tinseltown. I think it’s important to show appreciation for positive woman / role models when so many people complain about negative sterotypes of woman on TV but they end up being the ones with the most ratings. Ratings isn’t everything in the long run and Tia & Tamera are doing a great job at showing how they balance being working married mummys that still find time to light the entrepreneurial fire to follow their passions. They have just recently launched their new website TiaandTameraOfficial.com  , you can buy Tia & Tara Stiles beginner yoga dvd  and you can catch a new episode of their show next week. Keep up the great work ladies!!

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