When Is The Right Time to Invest in an Online Course? My Journey to B-School

Deciding to invest in yourself takes some serious consideration for most of us, especially if it’s a course with a high ticket price. This is how I decided to invest in an online course after 4 Years! 

This is my (very honest) road to Marie Forleo’s B-School.


signing up for marie forleo bschool
I enrolled in B-School live on Periscope

The real journey to Marie Forleo’s B-School started in 2012 ?. Like so many, I started listening to Marie’s videos on Youtube and was excited to learn that there was a course I could take.
My actions were as follows:

Click the link, opt-in, watch the enticing videos…great…what’s the price? $2000? Bye ?. Carry on watching Marie TV. 
I know that has to be a familiar set of actions for so many. Was it the price? The timing or the doubt that the program was for me?

I would say it was a mix of all three things and most importantly fear!

You see so many what I call ‘sleazy sales pages’ online promising so much, you have to scroll down the page for what seems like forever to see the price then you’re bombarded with all the ‘Bonuses’ you will get. Being a marketer I always am dubious about things and bored by the formulaic sell. We all know we are being sold to all the time, but you at least want to feel like you are unique. 
I digress…the year of 2012 Bschool definitely wasn’t for me. 

2013…I was planning on taking a year (or two) work and travel trip to Canada so my resources were tied up in that and not really believing in my business (if I’m honest). If I believed in it I would have been focused on it, right?
Now 2014 I was seriously interested in B-School again! Doing something you don’t like doing (for me it’s working for other people), ignites your passion like never before. 
My actions:

Click the link, opt-in, watch the enticing videos…great…what’s the price? $2000?

Hmmm, the questions start. 

Is it worth it

What will I get out of it

What has anyone else gotten out of it?
I’m a good googler so I searched in a variety of different ways the positives, negatives, likes , dislikes of B-School…even Is B-School a scam ?.
I couldn’t find any disgruntled or negative B-School comments…great! But the marketer in me was dubious…not one unhappy customer or experience. Not anyone saying ‘this wasn’t for me because..’. Was Marie some kind of Google miracle worker who was able to keep all the negative comments from the first 5 pages? Arghh, I was tired, too dubious and not engaged enough to follow-through and purchase. 
In late 2014 I had my beautiful daughter which gave me an entirely new burning desire to re-define and grow my business. When 2015 B-School came round..my actions:
Click the link, opt-in, watch the enticing videos…great…what’s the price? $2000?

OK…I’m ready to invest in myself. 

Note the mindset change. Before I was looking at enrolling as a purchase, like I was just giving the money to some online personality…as great as she appeared…I didn’t know her ?. I had a mindset shift to really understand the value in investing in yourself.
I still researched the reviews…same thing ?.

Finances were OK…hold it!

What about the newborn baby and business you’re working on? Do you have the TIME to invest?
Being real with yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you are making excuses. I’m not the statistic that buys courses only not to follow-through with action. So I gave it a miss this year. 

Finally in January 2016 I felt ready to invest the money and time to bring my business to the next level. 

So, one of my favourite Podcasters Amy Porterfield announced that she would be an affiliate for BSchool and would have a great set of bonuses and Facebook group to gel answer any pre-registration questions. 

This was honestly the tipping point for me. I haven’t been engaged with Marie TV for a while now do I knew I wasn’t buying into BSchool for the Marie Forleo persona but because it was what I needed to do for me and my business. 
Amy was very nurturing to the group, answering questions in the FB group and offering webinars. She was the reason that I turned my indecisiveness into the decision to sign up for BSchool. 

Have you joined or considered joining a new course? What was your deciding factor to join or not? Leave a comment below 🙂

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