Soul Series

Summer Soul Series: Unleash Your Business Dreams



So far thesummer soul series has been all about spirituality but there are other things that are close to your soul like living your dreams!
A big dream that takes a huge step is the dream of starting your own business, with the current economic climate why not? If you’ve unfortunately been made unemployed or you feel like time at your job could be coming to an end then you have no time to lose.

Getting from here to there!

Summer Soul Series x You Can Heal Your Life



The self help classic ‘you can heal your life’ by HayHouse publishing owner Louise Hay has been a go to guide for many years. Recently a friend of mind fell into a mild depression going through a break up. I recognised that how she was being treated and how she felt wasn’t exclusive to this relationship but possibly a recurring theme. Since I’m no therapist all I could do was think of the best and quickest thing to help. You can heal your life audiobook was only £5.99 /$8.99 in the app store and she’s been a changed woman ever since.
Read more to watch a clip from the movie.

Empower You // Summer Soul Series – Gary Zukav


I officially feel like it’s summer so there’s no better time to get in tune with our spiritual sides than the best, happiest time of the year. With (hopefully) no dull depressing weather to keep you down, the need for vacation reading material and realising that we’re half way through the year ( with new year resolutions still outstanding) you may need to get your self help resources together… And I am hereto help with the ‘Summer Soul Series’, tips and resources to help reach your goals and get in touch with your spiritual side.

Gary Zukav author of Seat of The Soul (a book that influenced Jay-Z) is interviewed by Lilou Mace.  (more…)